Bicycle Hire

We have and extensive fleet of over 400 bikes available in all shapes and sizes from stabilisers, bikes, trikes, tandems, tags to quadricycles. This enables us to cater for every event you can think of with ease, so for a family away day (trailer for BBQ available if needed!), to school away days and even corporate event days, remember Mapes of Millport has the largest and most maintained fleet on the island. Our bikes & trailers come from a variety of highly recommended, award winning manufacturers, click on the logos to see more information on each brand:


Example of bikes available:


Price list for bike hire:

1 hour - £3.00
1.5 hours - £3.80
2 hours - £4.60
2.5 hours - £4.80
3 hours - £5.00
3.5 hours - £5.20
4 hours - £5.40
4.5 hours - £5.60
5 hours - £5.80
5.5 hours - £5.90
6 hours plus - £6.00

5pm to 10am - £6.00
24 hours - £8.00
2 days - £11.00, 3 days - £14.00, 4 days - £17.00, 5 days - £20.00 
1 Week - £23.00, 2 Weeks - £32.00

Tagalongs and bikes with kiddie cab or dog trailer - £5.60 per hour up to £15.00 for an all day hire.

Tandems £6.00 per hour up to £18.00 for an all day hire.

Adult tricycles £3.40 (£3.00 for Kids) per hour up to £10.00 (£6.00 for kids) for an all day hire.

We also have a selection of family vehicles to suit every need. These can be pre booked for an arrival at or before 10:30am. As these are vehicles, and for safety, only adults are allowed to drive and they must be driven on the road. A full driving lesson will be given before setting off. 

Quadricycle £17.50 per hour - Seats 6 people and 2 Toddlers (up to 3 years old)

Mini Quadricycle £12.50 per hour - Seats 3 people and 2 Toddlers (up to 3 years old) 

The Grand Tour £15.00 per hour - Seats 2 Adults and 2 Children

Helmets are charged at 50p per daily hire. 

Baskets 20p per daily hire.

SPECIAL 'Round the Island' hire rate (1.5hrs) for just £3.80.

For bookings of 15 cycles or more we offer a 10% discount if you pre-book and pay as a group.

We service ALL our bikes to maintain them for the rigorous mileage they cover however if for any reason you do break down contact us as we do offer a roadside assistance service, even dropping off a replacement bike if required to ensure your day carries on being fun!