Berg Gran Tour Racer 4 Seater


This version of Gran Tour is a 4 person family bicycle for rental use on e.g. beach boulevards. Family bike competitor Edit Products are surpassed on look & feel while Edit Product quality is kept high and need for Edit Product maintenance remains low. Above all the Edit Product price is extremely competitive if not the lowest in the market! Ideal for a high return on investment. We have one available for rental in the shop so please pop into the shop and take our rental version out for a test ride. Please contact us for shipping costs. 

BERG accomplished an important innovation on the Gran Tour which already benefited from years of Edit Product improvements. Unleveled ground surface namely pose no challenge for this Gran Tour thanks to its new and super strong swing axle. The freewheel transmission system is very robust and main- tenance free so Gran Tour rental companies can spend all their time and energy on making money. Pedaling forward is slightly more powerful than the off road Gran Tour model making it ideal for cruising on leveled terrains such as boulevards.

BERG Gran Tour Racer four seats

Suitable for 2 adults and 2 children (at the front)

Reliable and safe steering

Two rear and two front seats. Front seats are in combination with seat belts

Handbrake and parking brake on the rear wheels

580 mm diameter rubber racing wheels with aluminium rims

Forward pedalling is combined with a freewheel function when the feet are held stationary while the vehicle is moving.

Specifications / USPs

1. Color is bright orange for the seats and most other plastics and black for the frame

2. Appropriate for two adults and two children

3. Two rear seats and two front seats. Front seats in combination with safety belts

4. Trustworthy steering

5. Freewheel transmission system (forward pedaling is combined with freewheeling when feet are hold still). Freewheel is mounted on both sides (drivers side & passengers side)

6. Hand brake and parking brake on the rear wheels

7. 580mm diameter Racing wheels with very low wear rubber and strong aluminum rims

8. New: seat frame has tight grip on the frame. Edit Product lifetime is greatly enhanced

9. Demountable swing axle (15 swing)

10. Since 2013 demountable rear axle from special high strength steel. Extreme Edit Product abuse that leads to braking axles (e.g. collisions, overloading) is easily maintained with spare parts.

Length: 199 cm Width: 102 cm Height: 107 cm Max user weight: 350 kg


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