quality bike repairs and services carried out by velotech trained bike mechanics.
Bicycle Service & Repair Price Guide

Please note prices do not include the costs of parts
Any work carried out by our mechanics is charged at £8 per 15 minutes with a minimum time of 15 minutes 

Certified Workshop - With over 70 years experience of working with bikes Mapes of Millport are proud to advise that we are certified by Velotech - an industry recognised accreditation body and training provider for bicycle technicians - so you can rest assured that your bike is in safe hands. 

If you can not find what you are looking for listed below, please contact us on 01475530444 or cycles@mapesmillport.co.uk and one of our staff will be more than happy to help. 

Bronze - The Check & Tune = £25.00
Silver - The General Service = £40.00
Gold - The Full Bike = £60.00
Platinum - "The DEEP Grease" - £100.00

Bronze - Check & Tune - £25.00 excluding parts

For an occasional user, in the Check & Tune service our mechanic gives your bike a thorough once over, checking the brakes, gears and tyres for wear and damage - so you can have peace of mind that your bike will ride smoothly and safely. 

Silver - General Service​​​​​​ - £40.00 excluding parts 

For the frequent user - A General Service includes a thorough clean and de-grease, leaving your bike looking and running like new. 

All services in the Check & Tune service, plus:

Gold - Full Bike £60.00 excluding parts

For the High Mileage user Whether you ride MTB or Road, we recommend a Full Service at least once a year to keep you bike running at its best.

All services in the General Service, plus:

Platinum - "The DEEP Grease" - £1000.00 excluding parts

A Full Bike Service includes a complete strip down and re-build of the bike by one of our expert technicians, as well as a thorough clean and de-grease. 

All services in the Full Bike Service, plus:


Please note: Prices can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike. Cost of parts not included.

Bottom Bracket
Bottom Bracket Fit (including frame preparation) - £15.00
Retapping and refacing - £5.00

Headset (including head tube inspection - £15.00
Handlebar replacement - £8.00
Fit new grips - £4.00
Bar tape - £6.00

Gear Adjustment (Front & rear) - £10.00
Gear Cable Fitting - £10.00
Gear Service: strip, clean, refit and set up - £20.00
Chain Fitting - £5.00
Front or rear derailleur fitting - £10.00

Brake Adjustment (front & rear) - £10.00
Brake Service (clean brake surface and pads, refit and set up) - £15.00
Hydraulic Brake Bleeding (per brake) - £20.00

Fit New Tube or Tyre - £5.00
True Wheel - £10.00
Replace Broken Spoke - £10.00
Hub Service - £15.00
Fit New Wheel (front) - £7.00
Fit New Wheel (rear) inc. realignment of gears - £8.00
Wheelbuild - £25.00
Fit new freewheel or cassette (wheel only) - £5.00
Cone adjustment - £5.00

Full Mudguard Sets - £10.00
Fit Computer - £10.00
Fit Rack - £15.00
Handling Fee for Removal of Suspension unit, postage, refitting and adjustment - £30.00
Build up Boxed Bike - £60.00
Insurance/Crash Assessment - £15.00