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  • Vibrating Litterbugs Bin
  • 3 types of game play
  • Colourful sticker sheet
  • Moulded flies and rubbish pieces
  • Requires 2 x C batteries not included

Product Description

The object of the game is to have the least number of flies once all of the rubbish has been put in the bin. Decide who is going first, youngest or oldest it’s your choice. Switch on the bin, it will start to vibrate every so often it changes and the flies jump out when you lift the lid but no one knows when. The first player lift the lid and tries to place a piece of rubbish inside, watch out if some flies jump out then that player has to keep them. Make certain the bin lid is properly closed at the end of each turn. The game is over when all the rubbish pieces have been placed inside the bin. Players then count the number of flies they have, the winner is the player with the least number of flies.

Product Description

Watch out! sometimes those litterbugs are just buzzing to get out! The winner is the player who lets the fewest bugs out of the bin!


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